Philippine President Attends the Opening Ceremony of B-I Bridge

Date: 04/11/2022

On April 5, the opening ceremony of the Philippines Binodo-Intramuros Bridge (B-I Bridge) Project undertaken by CRBC was held. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian, Ministerial Commercial Counselor Yang Guoliang, cabinet members from Philippine Department of Public Works, Ministry of Finance, Presidential Office and other Philippine government attended the ceremony.

Duterte said in his speech that the BI Bridge is magnificent, and its completion and opening to traffic is a major achievement of the Philippines’ ‘Build,Build,Build’program. He thanked the Chinese government for providing free assistance to the Project, and the construction team for overcoming difficulties despite the COVID-19 pandemic and completing the Project as scheduled. The completion of the bridge has further demonstrated the achievements of the pragmatic cooperation between the Philippines and China, and consolidated the friendly relations between the two countries.

Huang Xilian said that the completion and opening of the B-I Bridge marks a new major progress in the connection between the China’s "Belt and Road" Initiative and the the Philippines’ ‘Build,Build,Build’program, which will not only effectively enhance local connectivity, promote the recovery of the Philippine economy and people's livelihood, but also improve people-to-people ties, deepen the trust and friendship between the two peoples. He thanked the teams of both parties for overcoming the adverse effects, working together, and completing the project construction with high standards and high quality.

Roger Melka, Secretary of the Department of Public Works of the Philippines, pointed out that the opening of the B-I Bridge is a landmark achievement of infrastructure construction in the Philippines. He expressed his sincere thanks to the Chinese government for its free assistance and the hard work of the China-Philippines team and the contractor, CRBC.

After the ceremony, Huang Xilian and Yang Guoliang walked around the B-I Bridge and visited the China-Philippines Cooperation Achievement Exhibition.

E-P Bridge

   B-I Bridge

The two bridge projects over Pasig River belong the first batch of bridge projects granted by the Chinese government to the Philippines for free since President Duterte took office, including the Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge  (E-P Bridge) and the Binodo-Intramuros Bridge (B-I Bridge). After completion, the two bridges will bring huge economic and social benefits to the Philippines, effectively alleviate the current traffic congestion on both sides of the Pasig River, help increase employment and improve people's lives.

The E-P Bridge opened to traffic on July 29, 2021. The B-I Bridge opened to traffic this time has a total length of 678 meters, the main bridge is 586 meters long, and the main bridge is a 70-meter basket-type arch bridge with a width of 21.65 meters and two-way four-lane, connecting China Town and Intramuros.

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