CRBC Signed the First "Sponge City" Project in Hong Kong

Date: 06/09/2022

Recently, the Company signed the first "sponge city" Project in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Architectural Services Department, to build a new municipal park in the 68th district of Tseung Kwan O.

The Project includes the construction of a landscaped garden, Central Avenue, a children's bicycle park, optimization of the existing Tseung Kwan O waterfront park, reconstruction of a pet park and related public facilities, with an overall area of about 38,820 square meters, the project duration is 24 months.

This Project is the first time the Hong Kong government adopts the concept of "sponge city". The whole system includes a rainwater harvesting system, a water storage tank, a rainwater garden and a grass area with water storage function in the planting area, as well as permeable paving materials used extensively in the park . “Sponge city” is a modern rainwater management model, which is conducive to promoting urban greening, beautifying the living environment, reducing the heat island effect, and building a livable city.

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