Wang Lijun Was Invited to Attend the China-Cambodia Cooperation Forum

Date: 07/05/2022

On June 29, the China-Cambodia Cooperation Forum was held online and offline. The meeting was co-hosted by the China-ASEAN Business Council. Wang Lijun, General Manager of CRBC, was invited to attend the meeting and make a video presentation.

As the only representative of Chinese enterprises, Wang Lijun introduced the development history and honors of CRBC. He pointed out that, as an important participant and practitioner of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, CRBC has undertaken many exemplary and benchmarking quality projects in various modes. CRBC is an important participant in Cambodia's infrastructure construction. Over the past 20 years, the total mileage of highways in Cambodia undertaken by the Company has reached more than 2,100 kilometers, and 17 infrastructure projects for people's livelihood have been handed over. On October 13, 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen witnessed the signing of the Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Port Expressway Project. As a B0T project fully invested by CRBC, this Project is the largest single-investment project implemented by CCCC overseas. On June 21 this year, the main line of the Project was completed, and the trial operation will begin in October. As an investor, builder and future operator of the Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Port Expressway, CRBC is very honored to witness the opening of the “Expressway Era” in Cambodia together with the Cambodian people.

Wang Lijun emphasized that CRBC has always adhered to compliant operations in Cambodia, promoted green construction, actively fulfilled social responsibilities, provided local jobs and improved the skills of local employees. Up to now, CRBC has directly employed more than 30,000 local laborers. In addition, CRBC, on behalf of CCCC, has donated a training center to the Cambodian Ministry of Engineering with a donation of US$12 million. Relying on the training center, the Cambodian side established the Hun Sen Academy of the Cambodian Ministry of Engineering, which is committed to cultivating middle and high-end talents in infrastructure for Cambodia.

The purpose of this forum is to enhance the economic and trade complementarity and cooperation opportunities between China and Cambodia, promote trade and investment cooperation, and jointly achieve new development in the construction of RCEP. The forum invited Chinese and Cambodian business leaders and entrepreneurs to participate via video.

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