Montenegrin Prime Minister Abazovic Inspects the North-South Highway Project

Date: 07/01/2022

On June 25, Montenegrin Prime Minister Drittan Abazovic inspected the North-South Highway Project.

Abazovic first came to the project control center to learn about the operation and management structure of the highway and observe the demonstration of the electromechanical system. Subsequently, Abazovic presided over a working meeting.

Abazovic said that the Montenegrin North-South Highway Project is a historic infrastructure project in Montenegro, the first highway that all the people of Montenegro have been looking forward to, and an important symbol of friendly cooperation between Montenegro and China. He praised CRBC’s high-quality organization and implementation of the Project, and asked all participating parties to spare no efforts to ensure the smooth opening of the Project as planned.

October 11, 2019, the closure of Moracica Bridge of the Montenegro North-South Highway

Montenegro North-South Highway Project has a total length of about 180 kilometers. It is the first Highway in Montenegro, connecting the southern port city of Bar and the northern city of Bogliare. It servers as an important gateway from Montenegro to the European interior. The Company undertakes the construction of its priority section- Smokovac to Mateshevo, which is the most difficult section of the entire Montenegro North-South Highway, with a total length of about 41 kilometers. It has 18.3 kilometers of tunnels, 6.25 kilometers of bridges and the bridge-tunnel ratio is about 60%.

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