Africa Civil Engineering Expert Panel Visits Lome Ring Road Project (Phase II) in Togo

On November 14, the Ninth Africa Civil Engineering Conference  was held in Lome, Togo. A total of 46 experts and scholars from Africa Public Works and Construction Industry Laboratory Association  and Africa Civil Engineering Expert Transnational Commission  paid a technical visit to Lome Ring Road Project (Phase II) undertaken by CRBC on November 18.

Experts and Scholars Pay a Technical Visit to Lome Ring Road Project (Phase II)

The experts and scholars had in-depth technical communications with the project principal about the earthwork construction, soft foundation treatment, cement stabilized soil construction, application of new materials, quality control standards, and other aspects of the Project, and spoke highly of the quality of site construction. Meanwhile, they hoped that CRBC Togo Branch could transfer more technologies during construction to cultivate more civil engineering professionals for the Western Africa.

After the visit, the experts and scholars also visited Lome Ring Road Project (Phase I) that has been completed. This project was open for traffic in 2014, and has obtained the unanimous praise from the Supervisor, the Owner and society with good usage performance. It is now a model project in Togo.

Initially founded in Cote d'Ivoire in 1988, Africa Civil Engineering Day Organization  has 19 member countries, and holds Civil Engineering Day activities in member countries irregularly to communicate the civil engineering technologies, experience, prepare and revise the civil engineering specifications, etc. in a bid to better promote the development of projects in Africa.

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