Three Projects Of CRBC Win "Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award"

Several days ago, the 14th Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award Forum and Award Presentation Ceremony was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. CRBC, with its impressive performance in the safe production, won three awards. Cheung Chau Fresh Water Supply Improvement Project won "Safety Management System Award"; Tuen Mun Village Sewage Collection System and Pillar Point Main Sewer Project, and Kowloon Highway Maintenance Project won "Safety Performance Award" (Construction).

Trophies of "Safety Management System Award"
(middle) and "Safety Performance Award"

Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award is jointly held by several units, including the Labour Department, Occupational Safety and Health Council, Development Bureau and Construction Industry Council, aiming to commend the organizations with outstanding performance in promoting the occupational safety and health. It is held once a year with many candidates participate in, which makes the selection very strict.

The winning of these awards fully shows the affirmation of Hong Kong Government and industry about CRBC's work in safe construction management, lowering the accident rate and safeguarding the benefits of the employees. CRBC will continue to strengthen the safety management and control, improve the safety measures, increase the employees' safety knowledge, ensure the safe and successful implementation of the ongoing projects and make contributions to the prosperity and development of Hong Kong in the future.

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