CRBC 2016 New Employees’ Induction Training Completes Successfully

On the morning of August 9, the closing ceremony of 2016 new employees’ induction training of CRBC was held. Shen Zhan –Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection and President of Labor Union of CRBC, and CRBC Vice President Li Quanhuai and Wang Lijun also attended the ceremony.

Group photo of new employees participating in the outward bound

identity change from students to employees through the learning of such modules as team building, culture strategy, occupational understanding, vocational ability and professional quality.

After watching the video about the new employees’training, Mr. Shen Zhan, on behalf of the boarding of the Company, expressed his congratulations to the 43 new employees on their successful completion of the induction training, and as one of the preceding CRBC members, he put forward five wishes and requirements for the 43 new CRBC members: Firstly, they should put the glories in the universities behind and start a new journey bravely and improve as an employee fast; secondly, they should be prepared to “work hard” and move on courageously; thirdly, they should keep the attitude of “being humble and fond of learning”, try to read something every day and recommend a book every month; fourthly, they should learn how to manage “teamwork”; fifthly, they should be “responsible”and shoulder the mission. He hoped that they all could adhere to the CRBC spirit of perseverance and devotion and make contributions to building a new CRBC.

“Bring love and responsibility together, construct the belt and road with hard work…”The closing ceremony ended in the song by the 43 new employees; after that, these new employees will start their new journey in CRBC.


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