The Opening Ceremony of CRBC 4th Young Reserve Leading Talent Creative Leadership Advanced Training Class is Held

On the morning of March 3, CRBC held the opening ceremony of the 4th Young Reserve Leading Talent Creative Leadership Advanced Training Class; Shen Zhan – Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection and Chairman of Labor Union of CRBC attended the ceremony and gave a speech.

Mr. Shen Zhan, on behalf of the leading team of the Company, expressed warm welcome to the trainees participating in this training. He said CRBC paid much attention to this training, and hoped that the trainees could cherish this training opportunity, and clearly know the strategic intent and core competitive advantages of CRBC through this training. He put forward five requirements for learning: firstly, he hoped the trainees could deeply understand the measures to practice “CCCC with Five Main Fields” strategy, and deeply understand the strategic guidance and job orientation; secondly, the trainees should fully realize the importance and urgency of training, strengthen the learning, try to become the excellent talent urgently needed for the transformation and upgrading of the Company, and apply the knowledge they learn flexibly; thirdly, the trainees should apply scientific and effective learning methods and link theory with practice; fourthly, the trainees should learn from each other, pay attention to communication, learn each other's good points, and realize the improvement; fifthly, the trainees should strengthen the unity, abide by the disciplines strictly, do well the team building, and carry forward the good learning style and working style of young reserve leading talents, and build the training class to be an excellent team with value and characteristics which pays attention to cooperation, competition and efficiency.

At the opening ceremony, Gong Hailong – Deputy General Manager of Human Resources Department read the Regulations for Further Strengthening the Trainee Management in the Cadre Education and Training of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, laid stress on the discipline requirement during the training, and proposed that everyone could give suggestions and advice on the development of CRBC in the transformation and upgrading progress in this beautiful spring, and work hard together to create the brilliance of colorful CRBC in the first year of the “13th Five-year Plan” period. Zhang Yi – monitor of this training class, on behalf of all the trainees, expressed his sincere thanks to the leaders of the Company and the training teachers, and summarized the feeling of the trainees with three words: “gratitude, hope, determination”. In addition, the relevant responsible person of Beijing Goodlast Corporation Consultancy Co., Ltd. which undertakes this training and the head teacher of this training class also made statements of their positions.

Before the opening ceremony, the Human Resources Department organized the class committee members and the group leaders to hold the first meeting of class committee, comprehensively arranged the learning, living and management of the training class, which lays a solid foundation for the successful completion of all the tasks of this training class.

The series of trainings of CRBC Young Reserve Leading Talent Creative Leadership Advanced Training Class are opened to promote the transformation and upgrading of CRBC and build an adaptive organization, and improve the comprehensive quality of backbone talents in the “going global” strategy and the “belt and road” initiative; and they are aimed to cultivate a batch of young reserve leading talents who highly recognize the development strategy of the Company and whose ability matches the implementation of overseas priority development strategy of the Group and the realization of transformation and upgrading of CRBC, and provide powerful talent support for the realization of goals of “the 13th Five-year Plan” and the “Colorful CRBC”.

47 backbone talents at the middle level or above from the departments and overseas offices attend this training. The 23-day training will focus on five modules – “Frontier Horizon, Business Innovation, Cultural Strategy, Comprehensive Quality and Public Security”, and 42 internal and external experts will give lectures.

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