Renovation of Bridges of Seven Roads of the Ministry of Transport, Ecuador

Effect picture of the Project

The Project involves seven sub-projects: PIFO-PAPALLACTA Road Expansion Project (36.34km); SAN VICENTE Municipal Works and Coastal Road Project; LAGO AGRIO AV. QUITO Road Renovation Project (6.27km); SANTO DOMINGO Ring Road Small Bridge and Culvert Renovation Project (8 x bridges and 2 x culverts); PUERTO QUITO Small Bridge Renovation Project (6 x bridges); DÉLEG-BAYANDEL Road Renovation Project (7.46km); HUIGRA-PIEDRERO Road Additional Pavement Project (72.8km). The completion of the Project significantly improves the traffic conditions, enhances the local traffic capacity, establishes the connected passage among regions, drives the tourism development, and enhances the overall economic connection.

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