Angola Cabinda University Project

Effect Picture of Angola Cabinda University Project

Real Construction Scene of Angola Cabinda University Project

1. Brief Introduction

Cabinda University Project is located in Caio town, Cabinda city, Cabinda province with geographical coordinates, east longitude 12.153°, south latitude 5.291°, including comprehensive building (phase 1) and two faculties with other ancillary facilities (phase 2).

The total construction area of comprehensive building is 41954m2, including library, office, meeting room, canteen, underground garage, etc. The two faculties with other ancillary facilities covered an area of 72750m2 with offices, classrooms, dormitories, parking area, sidewalks, bike lanes and vehicles lanes, etc. The comprehensive building project finished the main body’s roof of the steel structure on May 20, 2011 and the main body of steel structure has been finished on November 7, 2011. And the two faculties with other ancillary facilities are under construction.

2. Technical Difficulties

The comprehensive building has unique structure and shape design, so it need overcome many difficulties. During the steel construction, some trusses and main beam are about 15 ton, which need two tower cranes to hoist and install and also need higher technical quality and safety standards. Otherwise, make the profiling steel sheet as permanent formwork to reinforce on the steel structure, which is a new process and technique and also bring great challenge when applied.

3. Social Influence

During construction peak period, Cabinda university project provided almost 1000 job opportunities for local people and train all kinds of professional technicians.

As the project is very important in Angola, the leaders of Angola have visited the site and guided the construction work many times during the construction period, who gave high praise to the project. The national and local television, the news media also have visited and interviewed many times.

4. Social and Economic Performance

The project will be the main high education base in Cabinda, even in Angola, which is the key measure to develop high education, cultivate talents, and speed up the local economy and social development.

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