Mongomo-Ebibeyin Asphalt Road Project

Effect picture of the Project

Mongomo-Ebibeyin Asphalt Road Project, located at Northeast Equatorial Guinea Mainland, runs from Mongomo City – the hometown of the President to Ebibeyin – an important town at the border of Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon, and is about 80km long in total. The order to commence was received on January 6, 2009, and the construction period is 24 months. In 2013, this project won “CRBC High-quality Project Award” and “CCCC High-quality Project Award”; in 2014, it won the “third prize of National Excellent Construction Project Design Achievement”; in 2015, it won “Silver Award of National High-quality (Overseas) Project”. 

This project belongs to the economic radiation area of Mongomo City – the hometown of the President, the largest city in Equatorial Guinea Mainland. After its completion, this road brings convenience to the trade contacts among the surrounding cities and the infrastructure construction of various companies. After it was open to traffic, the traffic volume obviously increases and the communication between the villages and cities along the line is greatly strengthened.

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