Bata-Bome-Bolond Expressway Project

Effect picture of the Project

Its starting point is adjacent to Bata Port, and its terminal point is located at Bolond, and is 42.3km long. It comprises of the 29.6km-long main road (first-class highway) and 12.7km branch (third-class highway). The subgrade of this Expressway is 24.5m wide, and it is of two-way four-lane asphalt concrete pavement. The designed speed is 80km/h. The construction period is 40 months and the date of commence is September 13, 2012. 

Bata-Bome-Bolond Expressway Project is the first expressway project constructed by CRBC in Equatorial Guinea. Due to the construction of this road, Mbini is included into Half-an-hour Economic Circle of Bata (the economic center city of Equatorial Guinea), and it plays a great role in promoting the tourism, entertainment and regional economic development of this area. 

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