President Lu Shan Meets with His Excellency Zhang Jianguo - the New Chinese Ambassador to Mauritania

On the morning of February 13, President Lu Shan met with his Excellency Zhang Jianguo – the new Chinese ambassador to Mauritania, who paid a visit to CRBC. Both parties had an in-depth communication on CRBC’s production and operation and development prospect in Mauritania.

President Lu Shan expressed his welcome to the visit of his Excellency Zhang Jianguo and briefly introduced the development history and business development situation of CRBC. Since CRBC entered the market of Mauritania in 1970s, CRBC has been rooted in it for over 40 years and built a lot of infrastructure projects with positive social influence, and made contributions to promoting the bilateral relations between China and Mauritania. With the League of Arab States Summit held in Mauritania in 2016, Mauritania began to actively promote the industrialization and industrialization development and CRBC also closely followed the local development trend and tracked a series of development projects.

His Excellency Zhang Jianguo spoke highly of CRBC’s achievements, and expressed his thanks to CRBC for its contribution to the friendship between China and Mauritania. At the same time, he encouraged the Company to seize the opportunity and continue to implement the project benefiting the local economic development.

Vice President Wang Lijun, President Assistant Ye Chengyin, General Manager of Mauritania Office Fan Shunping and relevant people of Marketing Department were also present.

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