• For the main bridge, the symmetric cantilever construction of prestressed concrete variable cross-section continuous beams was adopted, and the span diameters were 95+172+95m. Because of the large construction difficulty, coupled with no level layer on the top of the superstructure of the project, the project department established the QC Group. Through the detailed calculation of pre-camber, optimization of mix proportion, surface finishing, formwork monitoring, pre-comprehension of hanging basket and 1.alignment monitoring, the elevation of deck shape of finished bridge meets the requirements for design. 

  • For the beach bridge (6#-21# piers), the movable support system was adopted to cast prestressed concrete box girders in situ. In combination with the local construction conditions, the existing techniques were improved and optimized according to the local conditions. The push-type movable support system assembly technique, circuitous integral side sliding technique and self-walking section-by-section removal technique were created. 

  • For 21—30# Piers of the Northern Approach Bridge, the scheme of prefabricated prestressed I beam was adopted. On October 30, 2013, all the I beams were prefabricated. From reinforcement fabrication to concreting and then to stretch-draw of prestress and later installation, all the processes were perfectly completed with a percentage of pass 100%. 

  • The bearing platform of the main pier is located at alluvial deposit of the Danube. In order to overcome the problems of the construction environment, such as deep water, unstable mud line and complex geological condition, the deepwater cofferdam structure combining long rigid steel pipes and segmental flexible steel sheet piles was first created, and won the national patent. 

  • The full-trestle technique was adopted locally for the first time, which greatly reduced the dependence on the large ship equipment. Because of this, the construction organization became more convenient and faster and the construction progress was accelerated, so it was recognized unanimous by the local industry circle. 

  • On January 30, 2013, the pouring of all drilled piles for 1# Pier of the Bridge was completed; the post pile foundation small strain and sounding pipe detection quality were all qualified, with the percentage of pass reaching 100%, which laid a solid foundation for the construction of the superstructure. 

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