South Maputo Link Roads Project

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Under Construction of the Project

Under Construction of the Project

South Maputo Link Roads Project from Mozambique, is a main road that starts from Maputo the capital city of the country, passes Katembe, Bela Vista, Salamanga and ends at Kosy Bay,  the border with South Africa, also linking with Ponta do Ouro, and is the group and the company's southernmost highway project. Is divided by 3 sections, which are S1, S2 and S3, with a total extension of 179.3KM. It adopts the EPC construction model in this project.

The completion of the South Maputo link roads project will open the southernmost part of the north-south artery of Mozambique, linking the capital city of the country Maputo, border with South, and will promote cooperation on both sides, and thus effectively promote economic development to realize the mutual benefit, improving the travel conditions along the residents so that can promote economic integration, and also improve the regional economic development model.

South Maputo link roads project organized various social assistance activities, including the opening of water source, offering of school materials, repair and maintenance of temporary roads, protection of wildlife, environmental protection and other public welfare activities.

Since the beginning of the project, every year on the occasion of international children's day "June 1", the project organization donated school materials to about 1,500 students in six schools along the route where they are covered by the work. The event was highly praised by local government and the community. The Xinhua News Agency and the main local media reported on this activity, to enhance the company's brand in Mozambique's reputation and to bring up the positive effect. The project will continue its efforts to achieve the promotion and advancement of social responsibility and to achieve the project's sustained contribution to local social development and to take practical steps to the benefit of the Mozambican people.

At the peak of construction of South Maputo Link Roads project it had planned 275 Chinese nationals, and 1890 local workers. The implementation created many employment opportunities for residents, and promoted regional economic development.

After completion of the project, they will effectively improve travel conditions along the villagers, will also save travel time, promote economic development throughout the project to accelerate the pace of coastal development, promote the workforce of densely populated areas to scarcity For the needs of large areas of mobility, there will be more job opportunities to alleviate the employment pressure in the region.

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