CRBC Vice President Inspects Senegal Branch and Gives Instructions

From April 7 to April 9, a delegation led by CRBC Vice President Li Gang inspected Senegal Branch and gave instructions. During the period, they visited the whole line of Thies-Touba Toll Highway Project constructed by CRBC, learned the key points and difficulties in the project construction in detail and listened to the work report.

Vice President Li Gang listens to the work report of the Branch

At the meeting, Zhang Jianguo - Vice Chief Economist of CRBC and General Manager of Senegal Branch made the work report from five aspects: basic information of the branch, market development, ongoing projects, Party building work and key work in the next step.

After listening to the report, Vice President Li Gang was satisfied with the construction progress of Thies-Touba Toll Highway Project and praised the existing project management model. He pointed out that Senegal Branch gave full play to its advantage in market development, and that when developing the new market in various forms, it should focus on the construction of ongoing projects, promote market and dominate the market with ongoing projects so as make CRBC get a firmer foothold. He also indicated that at present, Thies-Touba Toll Highway Project was the only ongoing expressway project of CRBC overseas offices and had a guiding significance to other projects. The project quality and safety should be the most important in the project, so the quality should be controlled strictly; the safety should be guaranteed by all the staffs; the responsibility should be broken down to departments. Based on this, the excellent scientific research subject should be explored to provide a deep theoretical basis for the follow-up projects. At last, he hoped that Thies-Touba Toll Highway Project could be constructed successfully.

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