Tayan Bridge, Indonesia

Located in Taya Town, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, the Project is the most difficult national highway that connects the West Kalimantan and the South Kalimantan. Starting from the west part of Tayan Town, it stretches over the Kapuas River, and connects with the national highway on the opposite shore as an alternative of cross-river ferry on the upstream of Tayan Town.

The main line of the Project (including bridge and subgrade) is about 1.975km. It is a two-way two-lane bridge with the deck width of 11.5m. The Project comprises 1 grade crossing, 2 bridges (with the length of 280m and 1,074m respectively), and 1 underpass carriageway. It was commenced on October 8, 2012 and completed on December 3, 2015.

After completion, Tayan Bridge becomes the longest bridge in Kalimantan Island, and the second longest bridge in Indonesia (the first longest bridge is Suramadu Bridge undertaken by CRBC).

Tayan Bridge is a part of the highway connecting the West Kalimantan and the Central Kalimantan, which puts an end to the long-term dependence on ferry for cross-river communication, effectively accelerates the personnel and material mobility and reduces the logistics costs.

The opening of Tayan Bridge further deepens the strategic trust between Indonesia and China, and lays foundation for the implementation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative in Indonesia, and even the Southeast Asia.

Project Characteristics
  • Honors and Awards

    The Project is awarded 2016~2017 Luban Award for China Construction Project, and 2016 Excellent Project of CCCC.

  • Safe Navigation

    For busy channel of the Kapuas River, channel safety is one of the key control nodes for the construction safety of the Project, and it is the key to practically ensure safe navigation during site construction.

  • Technical Application

    The large tonnage synchronous integral hoisting technology for main bridge is adopted for the first time in the field of bridge construction in Indonesia, and for the second time in the construction industry in Indonesia, which wins unanimous praise from the industry.

  • Construction Management

    Truss arches of the main bridge are all rigid members. During construction, the alignment control is of great significance to the closure of the main arch, perpendicularity of structure suspenders, as well as the erection and closure of bridge girders.

Social Responsibilities

CRBC proactively integrates into local society and benefits local residents. CRBC proactively practices all kinds of social responsibility activities, such as donating for severe burned, assisting the elderly without family and poverty-stricken families, offering medicines to local patients free of charge, building schools, and providing the villagers with mutton, beef, rice, candy, etc. on Lesser Bairam, winning the unanimous praise from the local government and residents, and building the good image as a responsible Chinese enterprise.

The basketball court neighbors the Junior School, a middle school with overgrown weeds and without a court for recreational and sports activities. The Project Department of CRBC Tayan Bridge decided to build a basketball court in the school for the children to have fun and work out. On the day when the basketball court was completed, the principal of the school and the elders praised passionately that “CRBC delivers the international friendship here”.

The road is located in the central part of the Central Island along the Kapuas River. Previously, there was only a narrow and winding path connecting the east and west ends of the village, which is muddy in rainy season and seriously impedes the traffic. CRBC brought hope to local villagers and built a 1.4m-wide and about 230m-long cement road for them. All the villagers held up their thumbs and praised CRBC, BAGUS (CRBC, Great!).

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