A Delegation Led by Secretary Yang Yongsheng Goes to Indonesia for an Investigation

On May 19, a delegation led by Yang Yongsheng –CRBC Party Secretary and Vice Chairman and Du Fei – CRBC Vice President went to CRBC Indonesia Office for an investigation and gave instructions, and also called on his Excellency Xie Feng, the Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia.

Secretary Yang Yongsheng and his Excellency Xie Feng have a talk

When they talked with his Excellency Xie Feng, both parties exchanged their opinions on the projects CRBC was promoting. His Excellency Xie Feng appreciated the performance of CCCC and CRBC in carrying out the national strategies in foreign countries and said he would fully support CRBC’s development in Indonesia and hoped that CRBC could make greater contributions to the economic and trade development of both countries.

At the Indonesia Office, the delegation listened to the work report and put forward the following suggestions on the work of the Office: Firstly, in combination with the development strategies of CCCC and CRBC, the Indonesia Office should make its development plan for the next 3-5 years as soon as possible and guide its work with specific goals; secondly, it should pay attention to the reasonable allocation of personnel structure and train leading talents; thirdly, it should pay attention to enhancing the idea creation ability, integrated business ability, resource integration ability and project key link control ability. Mr. Yang Yongsheng required that the staff of the Office should further strengthen the understanding of “CCCC with five main fields” and future development direction of CRBC, arouse the working enthusiasm and strengthen the development identification.


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