Malabo National Park, Equatorial Guinea

With a planned land area of 870,000 sq. M., Malabo National Park in Equatorial Guinea is located in the new area of Malabo, the Capital of Equatorial Guinea, and comprises eight functional zones including Independence Square Zone, Ethnic Customs Zone and Central Lake Zone. The Park was commenced in October 2011, with its opening ceremony held on June 4, 2016. Obiang, President of Equatorial Guinea, cut ribbons and wrote an inscription for the Park.

The Project set such functions as natural landscape, recreation & entertainment, sports and education in one, restores the traditional lives of local nationalities, represents the urban and regional cultural features, and fully shows the spiritual outlook of Equatorial Guinea in the new ear. During the 4th Africa-Arab World Summit, the Government of Equatorial Guinea took the Park as an external window to show its national image.

The first comprehensive city park in Central Africa;

A landscape project totally applied with Chinese standards, technologies, management and equipment by practicing the “going global” strategy;

A project matching with the National Development Plan “Horizon 2020” of Equatorial Guinea and the China-Equatorial Guinea Cultural Cooperation Program, and a carrier inheriting the long-standing friendship between Equatorial Guinea and China.

Key Facilities
  • Tour Tower

    Tour Tower: the steel structure tour tower is located in the center of the Park. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Park from a panoramic view from this over 30m-tall tour tower.

  • Forest Protection Zone

    Forest protection zone: some trees in the Park are reserved according to actual conditions, and wooden trestle and platform are designed for the tourists.

  • Science Popularization and Display Zone

    Science popularization and display zone: located in the northeast of the Park, it is set with the time tunnel, astronomy galaxy stage, solar system square, atomic structure sculpture, science popularization gallery, etc.

  • Friendship Park Zone

    Friendship Park zone: located in the west of the Park, it is mainly in Chinese style with the pavilions and terraces built around the open lake surface, fully representing the garden style of “small garden with multiple functions”.

  • Sports and Recreation Zone

    Sports and recreation zone: this zone is set with football field, basketball court, volleyball court, and spaces for other physical fitness activities.

Construction Characteristics

80% of the seedlings for the Park are transported to Malabo from Spain and other cities in Equatorial Guinea by low-temperature and moisture containers taking 1~2 months. Greening personnel are organized to research the features of seedlings to ensure the survival rate, accumulating rich experience for similar projects in the future.

Main structures of all the buildings in the Park are steel structures, which significantly shortens the construction duration and ensures the safety and reliability of the building structure.

Cascade drop dam is designed for water storage with anti-seepage measures (waterproof blanket) taken. A 73m-long bridge is set in the central area. The improved water system has greater storage capacity, which improves the flood control and disaster relief abilities of the Park.

Photos & Videos
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