• Tour Tower: the steel structure tour tower is located in the center of the Park. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Park from a panoramic view from this over 30m-tall tour tower.

  • Forest protection zone: some trees in the Park are reserved according to actual conditions, and wooden trestle and platform are designed for the tourists.

  • Science popularization and display zone: located in the northeast of the Park, it is set with the time tunnel, astronomy galaxy stage, solar system square, atomic structure sculpture, science popularization gallery, etc.

  • Friendship Park zone: located in the west of the Park, it is mainly in Chinese style with the pavilions and terraces built around the open lake surface, fully representing the garden style of “small garden with multiple functions”.

  • Sports and recreation zone: this zone is set with football field, basketball court, volleyball court, and spaces for other physical fitness activities.

  • Children’s playground: Children are the focus here. Sliding down the slides and performing at the stage, they can truly experience the inner happiness and have a pleasant journey.

  • Central lake area: the lake area has an average depth of 1.5m, and is set with outdoor barbeque zone, cruise terminal, steel structure glass bridge, wooden trestle, landscape pavilion, Africa styled thatched cottage, etc.

  • The Project comprises construction of bridges, asphalt roads, buildings, totem poles, access of 20kV HV electricity, LED lighting system, music fountain system, monitoring system, green seedling cultivation and plantation, etc. Independent functional zone: located in the west of the Park, it is the main entrance area of the Park, and comprises Independence Square and large open stage.

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