Equatorial Guinea Office Conducts the “Volunteer Medical Services to Community”

The Micomeseng-Bongro Asphalt Highway Project in Equatorial Guinea is located along the border line between Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon in remote area with poor medical conditions. To ensure the physical health of the personnel and eliminate their psychological burden, the Equatorial Guinea Office and the 28th batch of Equatorial Guinea Medical Team Bata Unit went to the construction site of Micomeseng-Bongro Asphalt Highway Project on October 29 for gratuitous diagnosis titled “Volunteer Medical Services to Community”.

The team comprised numerous Chinese medical experts from the Surgery Department, Internal Medicine Department, Acupuncture Department, ENT, Laboratory, Pharmacy Department, etc. who went to the front-line campsite to provide Chinese and local employees as well as surrounding villagers with physical examination, treatment and health consultation, introduced them the knowledge on prevention of common diseases in Equatorial Guinea, communicated with doctors of the Project Department, and proposed guiding suggestions from the perspective of medical techniques.

On that day, the medical team received a total of about 100 people for medical consultation. Meanwhile, the medical team also diagnosed local employees and surrounding villagers, and donated medicines, receiving unanimous praise from local residents and further improving CRBC’s brand reputation in local area.

This activity effectively addressed the specific concerns of the employees, and enabled them to totally immerse in the production and construction. Meanwhile, it further promoted the good and harmonious relationship between the Project Department and surrounding residents, which is helpful for the implementation of various follow-up works.

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