As an international company engaged in large infrastructure construction and investment business worldwide, CRBC always adheres to the philosophy of “building excellent projects and creating first class brand”, proactively creates greater value for clients, and contributes to the development of the company and the society. While continuously seeking higher value standard, CRBC operates in line with compliance, sticks to its commitment, endeavors to innovate, and strives to establish mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with its stakeholders.

Growing out of the Foreign Aid Office of the Ministry of Transport of China, CRBC has been undertaking overseas projects aided and financed by the Chinese government since 1958. In 1979, the company was formally established and entered the international project contracting market. It became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC) after a major corporate restructuring in 2005.

In response to the “Going Global” Strategy and the “Belt and Road Initiative” in recent years, CRBC has formed a market network connecting about 100 countries, including almost all the countries and regions along the Belt and Road, and has undertaken a great number of key projects with far-reaching impact on the economic development of the host countries, turning CRBC into a world renowned brand. In addition, CRBC has contributed significantly to the construction of the core road sections of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, accounting for 15% of the total length of the Corridor, creating favorable conditions to leverage the strategic role of Gwadar Port. CRBC has completed the China-Tajikistan Highway, Tajikistan-Uzbekistan Highway, and other hub projects in Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe regions with total mileage of 2,400km. The Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway, completed open to operation in 2017, extends from the “Maritime Silk Road” to the African continent, and continues with the maritime voyages of the Chinese navigator Zheng He for development in the new era... Zemun-Bolza Bridge over the Danube River in Serbia, one of the key projects of between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (“16+1”), is hailed as “Friendship Bridge of China and Serbia”.

Meanwhile, CRBC keeps pace with the times, implements deeply the reform on the supply side, and leverages fully its advantages to provide integrated solutions for the host counties by accurately observing the demands and requirements of local government, project owners and socio-economic development. Moreover, CRBC effectively promotes the quality improvement of supply system by exploring such new business modes  as “Integrated Development of Industry, Financing and Construction”, and “Synergized Development of Road, Railway and Port”, cultivating infrastructure operation, economic development zone, and industrial zone in new fields with  new forms , and conducting win-win cooperation with all partners of the industrial chain.

While committing itself to realize the “hard connectivity” of infrastructures, CRBC has attached great importance to the “soft connectivity” with people of the host countries, by fulfilling the social responsibilities and contributing to the local people and society. CRBC has delivered numerous high-quality and eco-friendly “green projects”, achieving the economic benefits and environmental protection, and promoting the harmonious development between man and nature. CRBC has proactively organized a variety of social welfare and charity activities, and rendered generous support to local government and people to deal with natural disasters or dangerous circumstances, leaving the people with the impression of “Turning to CRBC in case of difficulties”. CRBC has also promoted the localization management with local content in the project construction and operation so as to share the development achievements with local companies and people, and build a mutually beneficial business ecosystem.

In the future, CRBC will work ambitiously to provide more excellent products and services to clients with international vision  and strong sense of social responsibility CRBC is looking forward to establishing win-win cooperation with all the partners  for a brighter future.

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