Social Responsibility Management

Building Excellent Projects

Dedicated to building excellent quality projects in the international engineering market, CRBC undertook a number of iconic projects with international influence, including Karakoram Highway in Pakistan, Friendship Port of Nouakchott in Mauritania, Zemun-Bor?a Bridge in Serbia, Mombasa-Nairobi Railway in Kenya, etc. 

Emphasizing Green Technology

CRBC has established cooperation with Tsinghua University, Tongji University, China Academy of Railway Sciences, etc. to conduct specific subject research, the results of which have been successfully applied to the construction projects as part of the effort to realize green environment-friendly construction.

Protecting Local Ecology

Adhering to the idea of environmental protection of “love, respect, conformity and protection” in the host countries, CRBC strictly abides by the local laws and regulations on environment protection, and integrates the idea of environment protection into all links of project planning, management and construction.

Protecting Employees’ Interests

One of the important measures of CRBC’s globalized development is the localization of its human resources. CRBC sticks to the principle of “people first” in the host countries, upholds the ideas of respect, communication, and cultivation, and protects employees’ interests. Meanwhile, it is CRBC’s commitment to the host countries’ government and people to do a good job in employee training and technology transfer.

Fulfilling Social Responsibility

Adhering to the idea of “full cooperation, active service, reciprocating society”, CRBC is actively engaged in social public welfare and charity activities, and provides timely aids to the host countries’ government and people when disasters occur.

Supporting Culture & Education

CRBC has always been concerned with the educational development in the host countries and gives priority to reciprocating the local education by assisting host countries’ students to come to study in China, establishing road and bridge scholarships with domestic key universities as well as conducting professional training during project construction to do a good job in local employee training and technology transfer.

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