• On August 15, 2008, the original Gilgit Bridge collapsed, which was the only passage in Gilgit. Its blockade undoubtedly brought great difficulties to the project construction, especially the production and life of local people. The project department made the field investigation at the top speed, determined the place to build the steel temporary bridge, imported steel temporary bridge from China and completed the erection of the bridge in November of that year. 

  • In November, 2008, the river water which rose suddenly in Pasu Town, Bagurmit, washed out the farmland of the villagers. The project department decided to transfer two excavators to dredge the river channel to protect the villagers’ farmland. And the villagers voluntarily make the bilingual banner “Improving the Channel, Benefiting Local People” to the project department. 


  • Because of temporary pass opening, CRBC people gave up the opportunity to gather with their family members but rushed to the front line of keeping the road smooth and clearing the danger. It was because of their spirit of “sacrifice” that they successfully completed the task of keeping the road smooth, and the relief materials, living guarantee and “food” of villagers were smoothly transported to the site. 

  • Along KKH project, there are many snow mountains and the melt flowing snow water provides convenience for hydroelectric power for the villages along the line. But, the power station channel and shortcuts the villagers themselves built were simple and crude. As long as the temperature was high, the sediment in the snow water would block the channel and the water level would rose to wash out the shortcuts, which was very inconvenient. In order to help the local villagers to solve the actual problems, the project department sent people and machines to repair the shortcuts of the power station and dredge the water supply channel.

  • On January 4, 2010, the great landslide really brought a great test to the project construction. What was worse, the large-area barrier lake endangered the life and property safety of the Pakistan people. The project department established several groups, including emergency rescue group, transfer group, dredging group and observation group, and spared no effort to rescue the Pakistan people in trouble.

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