The First Success of Concrete Pouring of Cocodi Bridge

On August 26, the first mass concrete pouring of the main tower bearing platform of Cocodi Bridge Project in Cote d'Ivoire was successfully completed, and major nodes on the key line were broken through, and the main bridge construction moved into a new stage.

Concrete pouring construction site of main tower bearing platform of the Project

Cocodi Bridge is a herringbone space-shaped tower cable-stayed bridge, with a main tower height of 108.6 meters, a main tower bearing platform of 65.4 meters × 32 meters in plane size and 5 meters in height, and a total volume of concrete design of 8639.5 cubic meters. The C35/45 concrete was placed in two layers, with a layer thickness of 2.5m + 2.5m. The first layer of the left width was poured this time, with a concrete volume of 2,132.4 cubic meters, which is the first time pouring of the main tower cap .
During the epidemic outbreak, the Cote d'Ivoire Office has always adhered to scientific epidemic prevention measures and actively promoted project production. The Project Management Department accurately forecast key nodes, provided human and material support, integrated internal and external resources, overcame numerous technical difficulties, and continuously improved project production efficiency. After 22 hours of hard work, a major breakthrough in the first mass concrete pouring of the main tower bearing platform was achieved, which was highly praised by the Owner and the Supervisor.

Project renderings

Cote d'Ivoire's Cocodi Bridge, which spans Cocodi Bay in Abidjan, is one of the important projects for the improvement and comprehensive development of Cocodi Bay. After completion, it will become the largest cable-stayed bridge in West Africa.

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