Angolan Dignitaries Inspected the University of Cabinda

On 24 August, a delegation led by Manuel de Almeida, Minister of Public Works and Land Planning of Angola, and Maria Sambo, Minister of Education, and composed of Cabinda Governor and local dignitaries inspected the Project of the University of Cabinda undertaken by the Company.

  The delegation visited the construction site

The delegation was briefed on the progress of the Project, visited the main building restoration and infrastructure construction site, and inquired in detail about the construction progress and follow-up arrangements. In an interview with Angolan state television, Manuel expressed appreciation and gratitude to CRBC for overcoming the difficulties of the epidemic and pushing forward the construction in an orderly manner. He stressed that the Project of the University of Cabinda is a spiritual link between the Angolan mainland and the enclave and represents the commitment of the Angolan government to the cause of education for the people of Cabinda. The Owner will take active measures to provide support and assistance for project implementation and delivery.

  Rendering of the complex building of the University of Cabinda

The Project of the University of Cabinda is located in Cabinda province, an enclave in the north-west of Angola, and the Project mainly includes the construction of complex buildings and supporting infrastructure. When the Project is completed, the University of Cabinda will become the largest comprehensive university in Cabinda province and its cultural landmark.

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