Malagasy Minister of Public Works Visits 5A National Highway

Malagasy Minister of Public Works Jerry Atfandrazana inspected the Renovation Project of Madagascar's 5A National Highway undertaken by CRBC on September 12.

Atfandrazana inspected the construction site of the first bid section of the Project, listened to the detailed report on the Renovation Project of 5A National Highway, and recognized the overall construction of the Project. He pointed out that since the implementation of the Renovation Project of 5A National Highway, the traffic situation along the route has been greatly improved and the local economic construction has been promoted. On behalf of the government, Atfandrazana thanked CRBC for cultivating local employees and helping residents along the route during the implementation of the Project, and commended CRBC for being a responsible international contractor, and setting up a good example of engineering enterprise in Madagascar.

The Project is located in the northeast of Madagascar, connecting the northern city of Ambelube and the eastern seaport city of Bukhimarina, with a total length of about 151 kilometers. The completion of the Project will significantly strengthen the traffic and economic exchanges between the east and west coasts in the north, promote the development of resources and tourism along the line, and is of great significance to further improve the layout of the national trunk road network of Madagascar.

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