Commencement of Sewage Treatment Project in Serbia

On October 12, a commencement ceremony was held for the construction of a sewage pipeline network in Mionica, Serbia, marking that the Sewage Treatment Project in Serbia has officially entered the implementation stage. Tomislav Momirovi?, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia, Boban Jankovic, Mayor of Mionica City, and Zhang Xiaoyuan, Deputy General Manager of CRBC attended the ceremony.

Momirovi? (center) accepts an interview

Momirovi? expressed that the construction of Urban Sewage Treatment Project and urban development are correlated with each other. The Serbian Sewage Treatment Project will improve and protect the water environment system on which the city of Momirovi? relies for survival and development, improve the living standard of citizens, and promote the sustainable development of the city's economy, and generate tremendous social and economic benefits. Momirovi? noted that CRBC has successfully implemented a number of projects in Serbia and he believed that it can also succeed in Sewage Treatment Project and contribute to the continuous improvement of the people's livelihood in Serbia.
Zhang Xiaoyuan expressed his gratitude to the Serbian government and the city of Momirovi? for their trust in the Company, and said that he would cooperate well with all parties, give full play to the Company's technical and management strength, and complete the project construction on time and with high quality, so to provide local people with better life, work, investment and ecological environment.
The Sewage Treatment Project in Serbia includes the renovation and construction of sewage discharge pipeline network and sewage treatment system in 65 cities in 77 regions of Serbia. The Municipal Sewage Treatment Project of Momirovi?, the start-up project, involves the construction of a 10.5-kilometer sewage network and a 4,000-person equivalent sewage treatment plant.

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