Introduction of Kigali Urban Road Upgrading Project (54.56km)

The Kigali Urban Road Upgrading Project (54.56km)

The Kigali Urban Road Upgrading Project (54.56km) is located in Kigali, the capital of the Republic of Rwanda. The Rwanda government uses preferential loan funds of Export-Import Bank of China to carry out this project. We signed a project business contract with the client on 26 August 2013 with the contract duration of 32 months.

The project is a part of the Kigali City Road Upgrading Project, which includes nine separate roads. The existing road is not paved road, lack of roadbed width and necessary bridges and culverts, ditch and other drainage facilities. In order to improve the connectivity capacity between different regions of Kigali City, to improve the traffic capacity of some sections, and to bypass the congested traffic flow in some sections, the local traffic authorities proposed to reconstruct the above nine roads in order to gradually improve the entire road capacity of the Kigali City.

The completion of the project will effectively enhance the transport capacity of the urban areas of Kigali and more effectively improve the travel conditions of local residents. So that the local traffic is no longer congested in the future and will also bring tourism to further accelerate the development of the Rwandan economy.

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