Introduction of Kigali Urban Road Upgrading Project (36km)

The Kigali Urban Road Upgrading Project (36km)

The Kigali Urban Road Upgrading Project (36km) is located in Kigali, the capital of the Republic of Rwanda. The project commenced on September 30th, 2009 and get the final reception on January 9th, 2013. It is the main road of the east-west direction of Kigali. The government vital departments, a number of countries and international organizations embassies and other departments distribute along this road which is the Rwanda's most important transport network project. During the implementation of the project, we have meticulously planned and carefully deployed. In the design stage, we focused on coordination of road and the environment and the strict environmental impact management standards are implemented from the aspects of noise control and dust control. Made a reasonable balance on environmental impact, quality, schedule, cost and other aspects to make the successful completion of the planning objectives, made the project achieved good social, economic and environmental benefits.

The Kigali Urban Road Upgrading Project (36km)

The project is mainly used for the reconstruction of nine main urban roads in Kigali, with a total length of about 36km. Contracting model is general contract of design and construction. The roads included in the contrct are connected to Kigali International Airport, King Faysal and Kanombe Referral hospital, etc., also extending outward to Kigali and neighboring countries such as Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Congo and other countries, it is the Rwanda national key projects with important political and economic significance.

This project achieved the certificate of “Distinguished Contribution to the Beautification of Kigali City” and “Achievement Engineering Quality Award” by City of Kigali.

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