Kenya Office Carries out the Emergency Evacuation Drill

In order to comprehensively implement the policy of “safety first, prevention primary”, CRBC Kenya Office carried out the emergency evacuation drill.

Zhao Tongshun – the Secretary of Kenya Office Party General Branch and Deputy General Manager of Kenya Office presided over and held the emergency evacuation drill meeting, analyzed the safety situation in the early period of the General Election, and stressed the importance and necessity of this emergency evacuation drill. He hoped to popularize the emergency knowledge, enhance the safety awareness of the overseas employees and their ability to save themselves and others by carrying out this emergency evacuation drill. Afterwards, the employees of Kenya Office, under the command of the safety officer, participated in the emergency evacuation drill and the drill of being hijacked by the kidnappers and learned the basic medical self-aid knowledge.

The employees of Kenya Office all said through this emergency evacuation drill, they further understood the safety situation during the General Election, had a clearer mental preparation and practical preparation for the anti-terrorism security work so that they could more leisurely face the possible emergencies as the General Election was approaching.

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