Project of the Rehabilitation and Modernization of the Road Aflao-Sanvee Condji-Benin Border

Effect picture of the Project

Under Construction of the Project

I. Basic information of the project

Located in the southwest coast of Lomé, Alfao-Sanvé Condji-Bénin Border Road, the main section linked up Lomé port, is part of the only traffic artery connecting Ghana and Benin. This east-west road is situated in the southern area of Togo. Meanwhile, the project road section which starts Avépozo round about and ends in the port area, is about 10.3km long. The project comprises main line up gradation, Baguida market as well as its entrance-way transformation and Avépozo primary school rehabilitation.

In this project, the original 7m wide road is upgraded to 2x9m bidirectional four lanes carriageway with 2-3m central reservation. Moreover, there are 1-2m wide sidewalks on each side of the road. The main line includes two small bridges and three roundabouts. However, the road structure is divided for sub-base (20cm thick cement-stabilized sand), road-base (15cm thick graded broken stone) and pavement (6cm thick asphalt concrete). In fact, the vital construction is consisted of earthwork, pavement, drainage, transportation and public lighting. And this road is completed in 2013.

II. Solution for difficulties during construction

Because the project is located in the coastal area, the bridge foundation excavation caused large water inflow. So as to ensure the project quality, it must take the measures for lowering water table during the process of construction. On the other hand, due to seasonal climate, pipeline demolition and incapacity of purchasing the lowering water level equipment came from countries other than Togo, the construction period is extremely pressing. In order to tackle the above problems, the project department, taking all influential factors into account, carried out detailed hydrogeological survey and material market research, and finally confirmed to apply the method of light well point precipitation.

During implementation of the method, project department members calculated influencing parameters and controlled strictly every working procedure for not only finishing drainage with quality and quantity guaranteed in planned deadline but also achieving the designed method. At the same time, the department sent technicians to collect the basic statistics. Through sorting and summarizing the data, they eventually found out a cost-effective, standardized and scalable method for light well point precipitation.

III. Local Employment Rate

During the construction period, more than 400 local technicians and machinery operators were recruited and trained.

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