Ma Mingqiang, the Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh, Inspects Karnaphuli River Bottom Tunnel Project

On January 29, his Excellency Ma Mingqiang, the Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh, inspected Multi Lane Road Tunnel under the River Karnaphuli Project, and the person-in-charge of CRBC Bangladesh Office introduced the progress of this project in detail.

Mr. Ma Mingqiang views the overall floor plan of the project at the site

The 9092m-long Karnaphuli River Bottom Tunnel Project in Bangladesh, located in Chittagong, connects the eastern and western bank of Karnaphuli River. This project is the first underwater tunnel in Bangladesh and also the first river bottom tunnel project CRBC constructed in foreign countries. Since it is an important link of Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor, the construction of this project is of important significance to improving the highway network in Asia and promoting the interconnectivity between Bangladesh and its surrounding countries. The business contract of this contract was signed on June 30, 2015, and at present, the detailed survey and design service is being provided.

Mr. Ma Mingqiang affirmed the current field geological exploration and design work by CRBC, and pointed out that this project attracted attention of leaders of both countries, so CRBC should complete it on schedule with quality and quantity guaranteed.

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