CRBC Donates Money to Cambodian Red Cross and Accepts the Certificate of Appreciation of the Cambodian Government

On the morning of May 8, Cambodian Red Cross held a ceremony in Phnom Penh, celebrating the World Red-Cross Day and the 151st Anniversary of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Prime Minister HUN SEN of Cambodia and other government officials, envoys of other countries in Cambodia and nearly 1000 people from various sectors of society participated in the ceremony; and CRBC, as one of the representatives of enterprises in Cambodia, was also invited to attend the ceremony.

Group photo of GM Zhan Jinsheng of CRBC Cambodia Office and
Prime Minister HUN SEN at the donation site of Cambodian Red Cross

At the ceremony, the representatives made generous donations to Cambodian Red Cross. GM Zhan Jinsheng of CRBC Cambodia Office, on behalf of CRBC, donated USD 150,000, and Prime Minister HUN SEN accepted the donation in person and passed it on to the Cambodian Red Cross. President Bun Rany of the Cambodian Red Cross, on behalf of the Cambodian government, expressed her thanks to the units and individuals participating in the donation, saying, “This valuable assistance will help Cambodian Red Cross to carry out the work better.”

Certificate of Appreciation to CRBC which was issued by Prime Minister HUN SEN in person

In order to commend the outstanding contributions the organizations and individuals at home and abroad made to the philanthropy of Cambodia, Prime Minister HUN SEN issued certificate of appreciation to several units and individuals, including CRBC.

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