CRBC Makes Donations to Cambodian Red Cross

On May 8, the celebration of "the 152nd anniversary of International Red Cross and Red Crescent" of Cambodia was held at the headquarters of Cambodian Red Cross.  The theme of this activity was "Power of Humanity, Basic Programmes, in Action". Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Relevant responsible people of CRBC Cambodia Office was invited to participate in the activity and, on behalf of CRBC, made donations to Cambodian Red Cross.

Group photo of Prime Minister Hun Sen and representative of CRBC Cambodia Office

Prime Minister Hun Sen expressed his thanks to the continued support of CRBC for Cambodia's charity and wished that CRBC's business could make new progress in Cambodia. Meanwhile, he called on all sectors of the society and warm-hearted people to participate in the charity and serve people of Cambodia, especially the vulnerable groups.

This donation enhanced the popularity and reputation of CRBC in Cambodia and won a good social reputation and effect of CRBC in Cambodia.

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