President Lu Shan Calls on Kyrgyzstan's President Atambayev

On July 22, CRBC President Lu Shan, who was paying a working visit to Kyrgyzstan, called on Kyrgyzstan's President Atambayev.


Group photo of President Lu Shan and President Atambayev

President Atambayev fully affirmed the achievements CRBC made in more than ten years in the past, and expressed his satisfaction to the progress of the Second South-North Highway in Kyrgyzstan which was under construction. He hoped that CRBC could participate in the future road and railway projects of Kyrgyzstan and make more contributions to the economic development of Kyrgyzstan.

President Lu Shan expressed his thanks to President Atambayev, the government and people of Kyrgyzstan for their support as always, and also stated the will that CRBC was to comprehensively participate in the transit transportation construction of Kyrgyzstan. He said CRBC had the ability and confidence to complete all the projects as scheduled with quality guaranteed, and also hoped to work hard for the interconnectivity between countries in Central Asian and the construction of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" together with the government of Kyrgyzstan.

CRBC Vice President Liu Jingbo, Song Jin'gang - CRBC President Assistant and General Manager of CRBC Human Resources Department, and relevant responsible people of Kyrgyzstan Office were also present.

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