Tanzania Office's Employees are Awarded Excellent Chinese Employees in Tanzania

On the morning of April 25, Chinese embassy in Tanzania held the first commendation conference for excellent Chinese employees in Tanzania to commend the Tanzanian and Chinese employees who had made outstanding contributions to the development of both China and Tanzania. Chinese ambassador to Tanzania Lv Youqing attended the commendation conference and gave prizes to the winners.

This event aims to further set up the good image of Chinese enterprises, chamber of commerce and Chinese and overseas Chinese in Tanzania and help the development of friendly relationship between both countries. 37 Tanzanian employees won "Dedication Award" and "Loyal Service Award". 25 Chinese employees won "Outstanding Contribution Award"; some enterprises won "Best Chinese Enterprises Tanzania". Two local employees of CRBC Tanzania Office named William John Mbaule (driver of a self-operated project) and Christina Joseph Minja (female, clerk of the Office) won the second prize and the third prize of "Dedication Award", respectively; Bi Quanwen won the first prize of "Outstanding Contribution Award".

Christina Joseph Minja is interviewed by local media.

When interviewed by the local media, Christina Joseph Minja expressed his thanks to CRBC. She said it was CRBC that improved her business ability and living standard.

In the future, Tanzania Office will continue to respond to the Company's call, further expand the market in Tanzania, do well the public diplomacy work and localized management, further set up the enterprise image and make contributions to the friendship between China and Tanzania.

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