CRBC Chairman Lu Shan Visits Hu Changchun- Chinese Ambassador to Gabon

On June 29, CRBC Chairman Lu Shan paid a visit to his Excellency Hu Changchun- Chinese Ambassador to Gabon during his visit to Gabon for work inspection.

CRBC Chairman Lu Shan expressed his thanks to Ambassador Hu Changchun for his long-term and vigorous support and help, he introduced the PO Project and FM Project undertaken by CRBC in Gabon, as well as the Phase I of Capital Ring Road Project to be started, and illustrated the overall development and future strategic orientation of CRBC by referring to the successful implementation and on-time delivery of Mombasa-Nairobi SGR Project. He noted that CRBC will proactively cooperate with the national strategy and satisfy the demands for economic development of Gabon, complete the projects under construction as scheduled with superior quality by adhering to the principle of complying with the laws, focusing on integrity, benefiting local citizens and enhancing the friendship between China and Gabon under the leadership of the Chinese Embassy as well as the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office, so as to become a model in healthy and sustainable development of Chinese enterprises.

Ambassador Hu Changchun noted that he was satisfied with the progress of PO and FM projects, and that as the pioneer of Chinese enterprises in Gabon, CRBC can make itself an example and operate in strict accordance with the laws, which not only complies with the national strategic requirements, but also reflects its comprehensive strength and strategic perspectives. He hoped that CRBC could continue to perform well in management of projects under construction, proactively cooperate with the implementation of China’s national strategy in foreign countries, accelerate the achievement of the strategy of “Emerging Gabon”, so as to make more contributions to the deepening of cooperation between two countries, and promotion of friendship between people from China and Gabon.

Liu Jie- Counselor of Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of Chinese Embassy to Gabon, etc. were also present.

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