CRBC Central and Western Africa Regional Market Development Conference is Held in Senegal

On August 2, CRBC Central and Western Africa Regional Market Development Conference was held in Senegal to discuss the linkage, operation mode, work implementation situations, and existing problems of the Central and Western Africa Region. CRBC President Du Fei attended the conference, and made instructions.

At the conference, Central and Western Africa Regional Market Development Center, Equatorial Guinea Office, Togo Office, Mauritania Office, Niger Branch, Congo Office, Gabon Office, Mali Office, Nigeria Subsidiary, Ghana Branch and Algeria Branch presented specific reports on business status. The Marketing Department introduced the regional linkage status in Central and Western Africa, and publicized the new special incentive measures for market development enacted by CRBC.

CRBC President Du Fei answered and provided guidance for the problems and difficulties proposed by each office, and noted that it is necessary to further enhance the selection of markets and products in the future, give priority to various projects, always have the awareness of unexpected development, and keep a good attitude.

CRBC President Du Fei Delivers Speech

During the conference, CRBC Vice President Wang Lijun signed the Letter of Responsibility for Safe Production with the general managers of all the offices, and each office is required to earnestly implement the production safety liability system, adhere to the principle of “who takes charge, who takes responsibility”, and enhance the redline awareness. This means that they have to strictly implement the relevant national laws and regulations on safe production, improve the level of safe production, and guarantee the continuous stability of safe production.

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