President Wen Gang Meets the Belarusian Delegation

President Wen Gang met the Belarusian delegation led by Victor Bria, Belarusian Ambassador to China, in the Company on the afternoon of March 1, and they had an in-depth discussion on the key problems of M5-E271 Project.

In the discussion, President Wen Gang expressed his sincere thanks to Ambassador Bria for his selfless help and support for M5-E271 project, which was the first project after CRBC entered Belarusian market, and also had an in-depth exchange with Ambassador Bria on the project fund, material supply and changes involved in the project and so on.

Ambassador Bria spoke highly of CRBC’s strength in road and bridge construction and mentioned the unforgettable scene where he talked with the previous Belarusian Ambassador to China. “I asked him what impressed him best. He told me it was the roads and bridges in China.” Later, he said in the two years for promoting M5-E271 project, Chinese and Belarusian staff had developed a deep friendship and a high tacit understanding through the close cooperation. He hoped that CRBC could keep a foothold in Belarusian market through this project and win more follow-up projects.

Before the discussion, President Wen Gang accompanied the delegation to visit the business exhibition hall and history and honor display room of CRBC and introduced the Company’s development and management situation to them.

Vice President Li Gang of CRBC, Director of Corporate Administration Office, GM of Marketing Dept., GM of Belarus Office also met the delegation.

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