President Correa of Ecuador Attends the Inauguration Ceremony of Techical and Techological Superior Institution Constructed by CRBC

On June 22, President Correa of Ecuador and Minister of Education of Ecuador attended the inauguration ceremony of Techical and Techological Superior Institution constructed by CRBC-SEMAICA joint venture.

In his speech, President Correa pointed out that education was the most important tool to break the shackles of poverty and that talent is the only way to develop the productivity, and that he, on behalf of the government of Ecuador, expressed his thanks to the constructor CRBC-SEMAICA joint venture for the completion of such a high-quality project.

Techical and Techological Superior InstitutionI, located in YACHAY University Wisdom City Park, Imbabura, North Ecuador, is an important project of the government of Ecuador in the higher education field. The newly built college of technology can provide teaching area for 1900 students and has 10 intelligent classrooms, including such advanced teaching equipment as biological science, chemistry, automatic workshop, 4G communication teaching and lab, so it can provide guarantee for cultivation of higher vocational and technical talents of Ecuador.

This project is constructed with the self-owned funds of the government of Ecuador and it is the first housing construction project CRBC completed in Ecuador. Both parties of the joint venture made concerted efforts, carefully organized the construction and ensured the project delivery on schedule.


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