Ecuador Branch Delivers Large Quantities of Relief Supplies to the Earthquake-stricken Areas

On April 16, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale happened in Ecuador. Tens of thousands of people were affected by the disaster to varying degrees, and the houses and transport infrastructure in the earthquake-stricken areas were seriously damaged. CRBC Ecuador Branch, as one of the Chinese enterprises in Ecuador, purchased relief supplies and medicine in batches after the earthquake and donated them to such serious earthquake-stricken areas as Portoviejo, Manta, Esmeraldas and Hama through the Government of Ecuador.

Ecuador Branch delivers large quantities of relief supplies to the earthquake-stricken areas in batches

The infrastructure project constructed by CRBC in Ecuador provides important life passages for delivery of relief supplies

The Urban Highway Project in St. Vincent, Manabí Province constructed by Ecuador Branch is still in the earthquake-stricken area and less than 100km away from the epicenter. After the earthquake, the Branch immediately sent people to inspect the relevant road and did not find any serious structural damage. Besides, the 9 bridge projects in other provinces which were declared in a state of emergency by the Government of Ecuador were not affected by the earthquake, either. The above projects provided important life passages for delivery of relief supplies.

The family members and neighbors of Maksim, an employee of
the Branch give the thumbs-up to CRBC for its “people-oriented” enterprise spirit

After the earthquake, Maksim, an employee of the Branch, immediately went to his hometown located in the disaster area – Portoviejo, where the run-down houses, panic-stricken family members and heavily pregnant wife waited for him. In the whole city, the water and power were cut off, and his wife fell down during the earthquake, so it was very urgent. After knowing the situation through the intermittent mobile phone signals, the Branch immediately purchased the basic life supplies and emergency medicine from Quito, sent them to the house of Maksim with its own vehicle despite of the risk of aftershocks and distributed them to his family members and neighbors. The local people gave the thumbs-up to CRBC for its “people-oriented” enterprise spirit.


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