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China road and bridge corporation representative office in Belarus was established in December 2010, in June 2011 was completed the local registration. Branch office consists of the production and operation department, financial department, supply department, general department, safety production department, project management department of the M5 road extension and other departments.

In this 6 years, the representative office has always uphold the "bridge construction, society contribution; the pursuit of excellence oriented on people" business purposes, committed to the Belarus highway, bridges and other infrastructure construction. At present the company in Belarus has already built M5/E271 Minsk - Gomel highway reconstruction project K208 + 66 - K295 + 20 Zhlobin - Gomel section (referred to as M5 project) and M5 extension road project, two projects were completed ahead of schedule with excellent construction quality, it has been widely praised by the Belarusian government and the people of Belarus.

Signature Project
Historical Moments

The monument commemorated to the completion of M5 project

Speech by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Semashko

Minister of Transport of Belarus Sivak gives an award to the office manager Yang Bo

Gomel First People's Hospital thankful letter to the company for free donation

Bobruisk local government thanked the company for the free donation

Main Activities

Celebrating New Year

Safety Training on Employees

Tennis Match

Due to outstanding performance the Deputy Chief accountant Sergei Sobalevsky was awarded a title of honour of “Outstanding foreign young professional in the sphere of Chinese transport communications 2013-2015”

Photos & Videos
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